IELTS Task 1 – Graph

While describing graphical information in IELTS task 1, you should make use of various prepositions and phrases in appropriate manner.


  • At: To describe a static point. For example, consumption of meat peaked at 50 thousand pounds per week or milk consumption bottomed at 300 pounds per week or sales currently stand at thirty million.
  • From ….. To: To describe the direction of movement. For example, there was an increase from one million to ten million.
  • By: To describe the difference. For example, there was an increase from three million to ten million. Which means, there was an increase by 7 million.
  • Of: To give any quantity after noun. For example, there was an increase of 7 million.

Words and Phrases

  • Nature of an increase or a decrease: slight, sharp, steady, gradual, slow, dramatic
  • Increase: rise, surge, ascend, hike, jump
  • Decrease: decline, drop, fall, plummet