Most Recent IELTS Speaking Test Questions

These are the most recent topics on which questions were asked in academic module of IELTS tests held in Nepal.

  • Do you work or study?
  • Please introduce yourself?
  • Describe about the place you belong to? (28 March 2016)
  • Tell me about the school in which you studied? What did you like the most about your school? (28 March 2016)
  • Traffic jams (What causes traffic jams? What measures can be taken to reduce traffic jams? Has a traffic jam ever had any effect on your daily life?)
  • Food (Which are the most common foods in your country? Do you know how to cook a food? Explain steps involved in cooking a food of your choice?)
  • Toys you played/liked (27 March 2016)
  • Museum (Have you ever visited a museum? What do you know about museum?)
  • Vehicle (Given a chance to buy, which vehicle would you wish to own and why?)